Can I buy Ethereum with AUD?

Australia is one of the countries with the best reception towards the cryptocurrency in the world, considering that even the business of various types currently receiving payments in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency for their services. Buying Ethereum, how bitcoin works or other cryptocurrency is fully legal and perhaps in the Australian legal and commercial framework, making this market quite open to the public. Therefore, Australians will be able to choose between various methods to acquire Token et and use them as they want, as long as they report income obtained by this type of investment to ATO (Australian Tax Office).

Short History of Ethereum Prices

Ether did not evaporate the cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, although it has also seen a large price increase because it was launched on the Crypto market. Ethereum launched his token on the market on July 30, 2015, and peaked on January 12, 2018, when it surpassed AUD 1,820, although it would soon come back to AUD 1,200 and began to look for the old support level.

Ether prices will always stay active because in addition to being used as a trading pair and placing orders for a long time or short (buying or selling), it functions around the Ethereum platform, where it is used to manage the trading of decentralized applications. In addition, important news such as updates and positive reviews of influential personalities also influence the beginning of a new trend that sends ether prices to various levels.

For now, the Ether price marks AUD 547, a level that has been crossed several times on the previous occasion and in this case, is heading for AUD 600, which can indicate that (if it breaks resistance points), ETH will be on your way to the highest price long. Logically, this will be very convenient for those who have bought ETH so far.


History of the price of the Ethereum (ETH) (in AUD) is shown on the graph through coin gecko

Ethereum – Australian Dollar Chart (ETH / AUD) through Coin gecko

The first time ETR explored this price zone, it was shot up in running a bull that would exceed AUD 1000, an increase that coincides with the bull running that Bitcoin has retreated. The condition is expected to repeat today, so we must often check the market and follow the next movement.


When is the right time to buy Ethereum?

Thinking about medium / long term investments, the right time to buy Ethereum here with your AUD now, given that it is on the way to explore the price area much higher than the current and adoption of cryptocurrency has increased rapidly. It is also still the right time to trade ETH in the short-term taking advantage of price movements and ensuring to sell before entering a bearish scenario.

Assuming that someone invested AUD 1,000 in eth $ 500 and increased towards expected levels such as $ 600- $ 650, they would generate $ 150 for each ET obtained (2), making a total profit of $ 300, thereby increasing your investment power. By remembering this, we are at a very good time to start buying Eth, although it is better for those who have succeeded in accumulating a large number of tokens.

Where to buy Ethereum with AUD?

Contrary to what many beginners are trusted, you can not only buy ETH with Bitcoin, because you can buy Ethereum Tokens directly with AUD and / or other Cryptocurrency. For this, there are various exchange companies where you can buy ETH at very good Ethereum price AUD and even use services as a wallet to store your tokens.

It is necessary to consider that, if you have a beginner level experience, using some of these platforms to process your order can be rather complicated, especially if we take into account that some only receive deposits in Crypto and their interface is rather complicated for someone who starts in the area. Therefore, it is recommended to use a local platform with a friendly interface that can guide you through the purchase process.