These 5 Simple TOP QUALITY BAKING TOOLS Tricks Will Pump Up Your Sales Almost Instantly

Baking homemade cookies will be a lot more enjoyable once you have the right equipment and tools. Here’s a list of items which will help insure cookie baking success.

Baking Pans and Cookie Sheets: Come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Dark metal pans absorb heat and can cause cookies and brownies to brown more quickly. Shiny metal pans reflect heat making them perfect for more delicate baked treats. Air-cushioned sheets provide extra protection from burning but ensure it is difficult to acquire golden brown cookies. Glass pans carry heat better so your oven temperature has to be adjusted down 25 degrees when working with them. I prefer dull, light colored durable aluminum baking pans. Basic pan sizes you will want in your collection include:

9 X 13-inch
8-inch square
9-inch square
9-inch round
Cookie sheets with or without sides. Although many books suggest rimless pans for baking cookies, best type of cookie sheet I’ve had great success using rimmed half sheet pans.
Bowls: Small, medium, and large mixing bowls in glass or stainless.
Wooden Spoons: Great for stirring brownies batter

Measuring Spoons: One or two sets of graduated spoons designed designed for measuring

Measuring Cups: A 2-cup glass or plastic one for liquids that has a spout and a couple of dry graduated measuring cups

Spatulas: One thin metal spatula for removing cookies from the pan and several plastic spatulas for scraping cookie dough and brownie batter from bowls into baking pans

Whisks: One or two medium to large whisks for mixing both dry and wet ingredients

Ice Cream Scoops: Small ice cream scoops make easy, speedy work of dropping cookie dough onto pans. They’re one of my favorite inexpensive cookie making tools

Microplane: A wonderful tool for zesting and grating zest from citric fruit and chocolate

Silicone baking pan liners: Make clean-up a piece of cake and are available in a wide variety of sizes. With a silicone liner it is possible to forgo greasing cookie sheets too. Just be sure to not cut them.

Parchment Paper: An indispensable aid for fast and simple baking. Obtainable in both rolls and sheets, I bake all my cookies on parchment lined sheets for easy and simple clean-up

Wire Racks: For cooing your cookies and brownies

Electric Mixer: I love my KitchenAid mixers, both hand-held and standing versions, for making brownies and cookies. If you only bake occasionally or have limited space, start with one or the other. If you bake a lot, you’ll eventually want both.

Food Processor: I’m a fan of Cuisinart food processors. They are able to really speed up the procedure for most kitchen tasks like chopping, grating, shredding, and pureeing. Get one which has at the very least a 6-cup capacity.

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